Student Placements

‘Everyone is good at something: understand, empower, enable.’

Student Placements

Our student placements offer an opportunity for children and young people to develop key life skills in a practical environment. Our placements provide a bridge to help to set students up for success in the classroom.

Our students work with a variety of animals during their placements, undertaking a wide range of tasks to help develop knowledge of animal care and skills for effective learning.

How can a placement help my child?

Larkrise Community Farm strives to create a welcoming, supportive environment for children and young people to grow and learn. We work closely with education authorities to help children with a range of needs to re-engage with education and improve confidence within the classroom.

We focus on working in small teams to improve social and emotional awareness and regulation, helping to develop life-long skills to support students in school and their home lives. Our methods of working with animals in a spacious environment and as part of small groups helps ease anxiety and allows room for us to adapt to students' needs. We work hard to ensure every student is able to achieve and succeed to the best of their ability.