Adult Placements

‘Everyone is good at something: understand, empower, enable.’

Adult Placements

Our students work with a variety of different animals, undertaking a wide range of tasks to help develop a knowledge of animal care and life skills.

Students work in small teams, improving self-esteem and confidence as well as developing a sense of importance through their achievements on the farm.​

How can a placement help adult students?

Our adult students attend for a variety of reasons depending on their needs and desired outcomes. Our adult placements can help provide a sense of community and opportunities to socialise with likeminded peers. Time spent working closely with animals can also help to reduce anxiety and improve emotional regulation.

Our placements are also an opportunity to learn life and work skills through taking ownership of tasks and gaining knowledge of animal husbandry. Students participate in a mixture of independent and group work to promote problem solving, communication skills and practical skills which can help prepare them for entering employment or living more independently.