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Meet the Larkrise Team

Wendy Self,

Farm Manager

The farm is overseen and supported by a dedicated Board of Trustees led by Chair,

Mrs Rosie Fell.

Her colleagues are:

Rob Ham, Vice Chair & H&S Advisor; Alison Rasey, Secretary; Paul Simms, Treasurer;

Jane Wallis, Insurance Coordinator and Safeguarding; Cathy Kavanagh, RDA Trustee & Sarah Creed, RDA Trustee.

The day-to-day management of the farm is done by Wendy Self, the Farm Manager.

Wendy, has been at the farm since its humble beginnings at Larkrise Special School in 1987. She is 'Mrs Larkrise' and also set up the RDA group in 2012.

Ashley, our Assistant Manager, joined the farm in 2009. As well as supporting Wendy, she is also one of our Stock Leads and tries hard to keep our vegetable garden growing!

Suzanne, our 'front of house', Office Administrator keeps us well organised. Suzanne's friendly, welcoming approach is much appreciated by all.

Alan, our Finance Officer keeps our accounts perfectly balanced and watchful eye over our overheads....woe betide us if we forget to fill in a petty cash receipt!

Amanda is our Education Coordinator and responsible for client liaison. She is 'mother hen' to our students and clients, about whom she cares passionately.

Lucy, our main Stock Lead and student support, started as a volunteer at the 'old farm'.  She is the next longest serving staff member after Wendy. Lucy is a nature enthusiast and enjoys taking our students for nature walks in Biss Woods.

Jo, our Head Groom has extensive equine knowledge and is an expert horsewoman. If want to know anything about horses - ask our Jo!

Katie, our second Groom works alongside Jo. Katie has a great sense of humour and is much loved by the students. It's hard work on the equine section but she still manages to make it fun.

Paula is our Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. She is also our go-to lady for alternative therapies and medecines. The contents of her 'potions' bag are a very well kept secret!

Teresa, Barry, Bobbi & Beth, are our Support Workers who provide dedicated support for our students and clients. Barry is also our 'Mr Fixit', whose list of maintenance jobs is ever increasing!

Together they are a great team, whose commitment and dedication reflect the Larkrise ethos.

In addition to those mentioned above are our volunteers; too many to name individually but without whom we wouldn't be able to operate, and to whom we are eternally grateful.

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