Produce for Sale

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Our poultry are laying well and our geese should be laying again soon!

Prices are as follows:


Chicken/Bantam eggs                  £1 per 1/2 doz

Duck Eggs                                      £1 per 1/2 doz

Goose Eggs                                    £1.50 per egg (when available)

Why not buy some of each sort and try the taste test!


Horse Manure                                                                                                    £1.00 per bag

Please ring to check as limited stocks are available at the moment.               

Wood Chip/Bark                                                                                                £1.00 per bag

Straw                                                                                                                    £1.00 per bag

Small quantities of straw for your animals or strawberries/pumpkins       

Plants/Garden Produce

We have various plants and garden produce available depending on the time of year.

Small animal/poultry holidays

We will look after your rabbits/guinea pigs or poultry for £2 per day per animal while you are on holiday. Please ring for details.

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