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Farm Update September/October 2020

We were SO pleased to welcome back our school age students on 7 September 2020.

We are now working in a maximum of 5 'bubbles' per day, as each staff member on the yard directly supports a maximum of 3 students/clients; plus we have satellite 'bubbles' that is to say those who come with their own support but who report to a member of our staff. Whilst it sounds complicated it is much simpler in practice; each bubble has their own areas for breaks and lunches so they can maintain social distancing.

Almost all our adult clients have returned now, although our total capacity is obviously less than pre-lockdown due to social distancing. It is now beginning to feel like Larkrise again 👍

It was with great sadness that one of our Trustees had to make the brave and heartbreaking decison on 18 September to have Merlin, our RDA piebald Cob put to sleep, following the diagnosis of degenerative disc disease in his neck. Jane, another of our Trustees who knew Merlin at Hampsley Hollow summed him up beautifully ''he was such a sweet horse to have around, like a lovely fluffy teddy bear - the epitome of an RDA pony''. He is sorely missed.


Donald, one of our Pygmy goats had to have his horns cut back at the beginning of October. Although he was disbudded as a youngster they had started to grow back and were quite wobbly, so he was pleased to be rid of them, and once again to have a lovely flat(ish) head ;).

We will keep you posted again with more news in November/December. In the meantime, take care and stay safe.


Once every quarter Wendy Self, our Farm Manager/ Ashley Wicks, our Assistant Farm Manager, writes a short article for publication in the West Ashton Magazine.

This magazine is published by West Ashton Parish Council, and has a local circulation of about 200 copies. It is also available as a pdf for download from the parish website. Click below to read our latest news.

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